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Each Avatar has a different story to tell...

I love how each avatar is different    #and I would love to know all their stories    # especially yangchen because we don’t know much about her    # they’re all humans who get to relive their past lives’ mistake    # my headcanon is that yangchen constantly kept the world at peace    # (because she can sacrifice her own spiritual needs to do so)    # and the after effect of that action    # is kuruk’s ‘go with the flow’ attitude    # she left the world so at peace    # that kuruk has nothing to do    # so in a way    #even if you don’t make a mistake    # you STILL make a mistake    # its a never ending cycle    # then kyoshi had to fix all of kuruk’s fuck ups    # just shows how each action you make has positive or negative effects  

That isn’t to say Kyoshi didn’t have her own fuck ups seeing as she created the Dai Li.

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